Dani Lopez


Sk8, photography, film and art lover.

24 years old bassed in Spain.


Magazines and books:

OH:SO Mag Issue 3

Editorial photography for Julia Benedetti’s interview.

OH:SO Mag Issue 5

Editorial photography for Paola Flores and Daniela Terol interview.

OH:SO Mag Issue 7

Editorial photography for Nayara Gonzalez interview.

Mythings – Issue 1

Self-pubished photozine with a selectión of photos.

Mythings – Issue 2

Self-published photozine with a photoseries named Pieses y Patines.


– Redbull Illume Emergin Photographer Semifinalist 2019

– Redbull Illume Emergin Photographer Semifinalist 2021

– Double – Redbull Illume Emergin Photographer Semifinalist 2023

Exhibition permanent at Woodtown Store – Vigo

Exhibition  «Pequenos Instantes» at RioLagares Gallery, Vigo.

Exhibition  «Paris, Oporto» at RioLagares Gallery, Vigo.